O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH is a 100% guaranteed company founded on January 28, 2019. We offer professional cleaning services, with employees who have more than 10 years of experience.

The search for the happiness and happiness of our customers is a path we walk every day and the quality of our services is a crucial factor in achieving it.

We are in possession of the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for our properly implemented quality management system and the ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, we have commissioned a specialized company to monitor health and prevent occupational risks, which together with our staff representatives and the legal representatives of both companies form a perfect team to carry out these tasks.

We have liability insurance up to CHF 20,000, which covers damage that we can unintentionally cause as part of our services.

Every year we hold training courses for all of our employees in order to constantly retrain them and adapt them to new cleaning techniques and systems.


In the O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH we concentrate all our activities on the optimization of the service quality and the continuous improvement of the environmental performance.

To achieve this, we maintain an integrated system of quality management ISO 9001 and environmental management ISO 14001, as a guarantee of continuous improvement, control and management of its operating processes and compliance with the regulations applicable to each system. In this way we ensure the continuous identification of customer needs and environmental aspects, legal requirements and other signed requirements, always with the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction and avoiding environmental pollution.

At O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH we understand total quality as full customer satisfaction, perfect cleanliness and an attitude of the staff that is based on an appropriate selection and intensive training. All of this goes hand in hand with elegant uniformity, adequate supervision and control of the work.

Achieving and maintaining the quality of our services becomes, above all, a moral obligation. And we feel committed to this goal by using the most advanced methods and the most suitable programs in coordination with the customer. In order to be able to react with the greatest accuracy, we visit your company, house or hotel to make a realistic offer, that is, we carry out a direct observation of all the installations in the building in order to carry out measurements that calculate the hours as well as the cleaning material enable, all ecologically and professionally.

Another of the great requirements in a cleaning service are the level of hygiene as well as monitoring and quality control; our staff has been prepared for these functions by a renowned institute at international level.

In short, our guarantee also lies in our constant endeavor to satisfy your needs with the most appropriate cleaning methods and systems for each, in order to achieve the best service at the lowest cost and always based on overall quality.

The O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH undertakes to maintain and further develop a management policy that integrates equal treatment and equal opportunities for women and men without directly or indirectly discriminating on the basis of gender, as well as promoting and supporting measures to ensure equal opportunities in our company.