At O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH we promote the values of sustainability and integrity as a way of running our business and offering our services. We define sustainability on three levels: respect for people, respect for the environment and economic / financial strength.

We understand the relationship with our customers as a long-term relationship based on the trust that they place in us for a good job every day. This explains our ability to retain both customers and employees. Sustainability is also related to striving for continuous progress. O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH strives to know and integrate the latest technological advances in the industry, along with other improvements that seek mutual benefit.


Social sustainability

Hiring Practices:

In our careful selection process, we rely on a profile of employees that supports the company's values, teamwork, integrity, ethics, continuous improvement and customer focus.

Respect for people:

We value the work well done by our workers through policies that seek to demonstrate the credit they deserve.

Value to people:

Our key to success is the team that makes up the O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH consists. We attach particular importance not only to the remuneration of our employees, but also to their training. Their personal growth is valued primarily by themselves, but also by customers, and thus their expectations are met.                

Economic sustainability

Organic growth :

Since its inception, the O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH committed to the sustainable growth of the company, which enjoys considerable economic stability and prosperity. Our customers can have full confidence in us as a responsible provider of their services.

Profitability and cost efficiency:

The O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH wants to increase their profitability and that of their customers. We believe in the importance of providing the right service at a fair price in order to foster long-term, trust-based relationships with your customers. That is why we strive to optimize resources in order to gain efficiency.

Environmental sustainability

Environmentally friendly purchasing practices:

All chemicals and machines we use comply with the applicable safety regulations, and we only select suppliers who work with environmentally friendly products. Our criteria are the following:

Chemische Produkte:

  • Insurance for our employees and customers
  • Used in the right proportions
  • This ensures great efficiency and productivity


  • This ensures great efficiency and productivity
  • Respect for the environment
  • Safe for our employees and customers
  • Certified by the competent authority

Environmentally friendly working method

Processes: productivity and resource optimization. We recommend to each client a working methodology that best suits the characteristics of their company, building and people.

Our work teams are trained in many and varied working methods, which enables us to be flexible and efficient. Thanks to our selective recruiting process and our training program, we can guarantee a constant level of quality.

We are constantly researching the latest developments on the market, which we evaluate appropriately and only implement those that enable us to improve our processes and thus gain efficiency.