At O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH, we strive every day to meet our obligations on time and in the most professional manner possible. We are convinced of this, thanks to our corporate structure, philosophy, teamwork, training, innovation, experience, support and shared pride in a job well done. All of these are reasons why our customers continue to entrust us with the maintenance of their systems.

At O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH we first set our expectations and then exceed them.

Diversity in terms of the services offered

O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH is able to offer a wide range of maintenance services, from cleaning to other associated value-added services for its customers, such as specialized technical cleaning, technical and comprehensive maintenance and ancillary services. We adapt to every customer and cover their needs to their satisfaction at all times.

Formality in your work

The consistency of the services offered is one of the main concerns of our customers. Standardizing our processes and procedures, along with a monitoring system that ensures proper compliance, enables us to guarantee quality standards that meet our customers' expectations.

Close to the customers

Our optimally dimensioned corporate structure enables our customers, on the one hand, to benefit from the advantages of a company with large human resources and, on the other hand, from the advantages of a family-oriented company, as they are close to their customers, who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year can contact us to clarify questions, suggestions or problems as quickly as possible.

Quality of its employees

We know that the quality of the services offered depends on the quality of our employees. That is why we provide an important source of resources for the selection of personnel and for the retention of personnel through training and motivation programs. Your commitment to our purposes and values will contribute to a higher satisfaction of our customers and thus offer them more opportunities within O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH.


The training of our employees begins with an orientation program in which they are familiarized with our values and our way of working. The training continues at the workplace, where the area supervisor is responsible for explaining the working methodology and then concluding it during the regular supervisory visits. In the meantime, the area supervisor, as the person responsible for the service provided, also contributes to the training of the employees who report to her.

Health and safety

At O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH we are committed to the safety of our employees and our customers. That is why our employees are specially trained in the correct handling of chemicals and machines, in accordance with the required safety standards of suppliers and customers.

Profitability of the services offered

We keep an eye on the latest developments in this sector and include those who enable us to improve processes and gain efficiency. In this way, we live up to our corporate value of promoting continuous progress by offering the highest possible quality at competitive prices. We enable customers who outsource their services to O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH to concentrate on the core activities of their company and at the same time save time and money.


Our commitment to the consistency of the services provided, the quality of our properly trained staff and the fulfillment of our corporate values have enabled us to be recognized in the industry as a company that has the vocation of providing a consistent, high quality and tailored to the specific needs of each Customers