Do you need a construction site cleaning company in Switzerland?

Renovations and construction work are inevitable and can sometimes be very annoying. The process is usually quite long and it seems that the end is far away and when it comes we want everything to be flawless. Because of this, it is very important that cleaning of the construction site is carried out thoroughly. It is very important to employ qualified construction site cleaning specialists in Switzerland, as they know the specific treatment that each material needs and have the appropriate machines and products.

O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH are experts in building cleaning in Switzerland. We work with the highest efficiency so that your room is ready as quickly as possible. You can request information and a non-binding offer from us.

Tips to avoid unnecessary pollution

We cannot prevent a room from getting dirty after a work or renovation, but we can try to reduce this dirt by taking some measures before starting. This will take some time and effort before we start work, but when it is finished and we have to face the cleaning of the work, we will be grateful that we have dedicated this time.

Windows and doors can be very damaged on a construction site. Paint stains, dust and even scratches can be avoided. We only need to cover the glass of our windows and doors with paper. We will have no problem finding specialty papers for this type of job in specialist home improvement or hardware stores. If we want extra protection, protecting the windows and doors with plastic under the paper is a good option. On the other hand, if we don't

Windows or doors during work, it will be necessary to carry out proper glass cleaning and wooden door cleaning.

Particular caution is also required with the floors. Carpets, parquet, earthenware or marble, regardless of the material. They all need to be protected, otherwise the damage they can suffer is definitive. This won't completely prevent stains. After the work has been completed, the floor must be cleaned depending on the type of material.

The point and the end of the job

A good job deserves a happy ending. The final cleaning of work is to leave the perfect apartment, office or space perfect after construction or reform to start a new life or business project. With our end-of-work service, we bring out the shine of the work that has been done.

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