What do you need for house cleaning?

O&M Professionelle Reinigung GmbH, our team of professionals offers you an efficient cleaning service for your home.

We have been offering the best cleaning and maintenance solutions in the Bern region for years. Our company is characterized by the seriousness and the trust that we place in each of our customers.

We adapt to what you need in your home by providing you with reliable professionals and flexible services so that you can delegate your household chores whenever you want, with the dates and calendars that suit you , and without any kind of permanent contract.

General cleaning

Sometimes we need the support of a full team of professionals to help us carry out a general cleaning of the house. If you want a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, if you prefer the bathrooms or if you want a thorough cleaning of the house when you move, you have properties to rent, you want to do a final cleaning or cleaning of empty floors is your solution.